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Aluminium Casting

Aluminium is a metal we like very much. Compared to some metals it’s really quite lightweight and has a much softer appearance. We’re working with a foundry that normally makes high precision components for the aerospace industry and have designed a simple but beautiful sand cast aluminium slip.

The process involves the manufacture of a two part mould out of plastics and timber, which is then tightly packed with sand and binding agent to make two solid blocks of sand that can be brought together. Molten aluminium is then fed into the cavity between the two moulds and solidifies into the desired shape. The sand blocks are removed and recycled. 

The next stage is hugely time consuming. Each shade is individually hand polished to remove the fine sand texture and create a slightly matt surface, which can be kept polished or left to dull over time. Sand casting also results in a unique surface quality that can’t be reproduced any other way. We enjoy the process so much that we hope to develop a few new designs soon.