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To produce pottery that has a real clarity of colour we use white body earthenware clay as any other clayshines through and affects the purity of the glaze colour. This wonderful white clay allows us to have fun with some really vibrant, clean colours.

We use the tradition slip casting technique to make our products, in which the liquid slip clay is poured into plaster moulds. Gradually, the moisture is absorbed from the outermost layers of clay into the mould. The excess liquid is then poured off until we’re left with a clay ‘skin’.

The lamp is then removed from the mould and left to dry naturally before being fired at a very high temperature. The high firing temperature also increases the strength of the product.

Unlike our terracotta lamps we spray glaze our earthenware to ensure an even, block colour finish. We also use a white glaze inside our earthenware range to ensure a pure white light.