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There are few remaining glass workshops in the UK. We’re working with one of them and have designed an exclusive glass lamp. We have huge admiration for the skill of glass blowing, which requires the blower to create an object without actually touching it! It takes years of training and practice to master and is sadly an art that is becoming very rare in the UK.

The process we use is called mould-blowing. A glob of molten glass is placed on the end of a blowpipe and then carefully lowered into a timber mould that has been soaked in water. The blower then rotates the glass globe whilst inflating it inside the mould. One of the more difficult aspects of the process is knowing when the shape needs to be removed from the mould as the blower cannot see how it is progressing inside the wood. Once ready, the mould is opened and the glass is placed into a furnace to slowly reduce the temperature down from 800 degrees centigrade to ensure it does not cool too quickly and crack.

It’s a dramatic process to watch with plumes of smoke and flames emerging from the timber mould. It produces very beautiful products, each slightly different in weight and feel. Our first glass product is an opal lamp, which omits a lovely light and obscures the light bulb.