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Timber is a material that holds a certain affection for most people. It comes in many shapes, sizes and colours and there are many ways of working with timber. We have been working with a UK based master craftsman who specialises in turned timber to create a few unique pieces available on a bespoke basis.

Our favourite way of working with timber is to work with its constraints rather than against them. For the Portobello and Acorn lamp the tulip wood we wanted to work with is too small to make the shapes as a single piece. Rather than changing to a timber that grows large enough we decided to porously express the joints and show off the construction.

Selecting the segments by colour and grain the rough band saw cut sections are glued together. These are then mounted to the lathe once the timber has settled. The excess timber is then slowly carved away.

Depending on the selected timber the shade can then be oiled or waxed or lacquered to give a different finish. The process is time consuming but produces fantastic shapes that reveal their construction. These are truly beautiful pieces made to order with each item having a completely different character depending on the selected timber.