11 January 2019

A-Beam ‘Seconds’ SALE!

A-Beam 1600mm terracottaTerracotta A-Beam DetailA-Beam TerracottaA-Beam, dining roomA-Beam, residential kitchen, photo Ben SageA-Beam terracotta

A-BEAM ‘SECONDS’ SALE- While stocks last!

We have some ‘seconds’ versions of our A-Beam light currently in stock. These are just a bit ‘less-than-perfect’ with flaws such as chipping at the ends or scratching on the top, but will still look amazing in a space.

We are offering these at discounted prices ranging from 20% to 50% off the full price. Please do email us at: info@handandeyestudio.co.uk for more information and to order your A-Beam now!